Profit 2000TM Benchmark Series

Sterling initiated our flagship series of market research studies in 1999 to address profitability issues in retirement services businesses. Profit 2000TM annual reviews allow our clients to maintain confidentiality of critical business information, while comparing sales effectiveness, pricing, revenue, cost elements and staffing against peers with similar service models and strategies. In a rapidly changing environment, we assist clients in determining “best practice” standards for every element of a product or service.

Today, Profit 2000TM participants comprise 17 of the top 20 retirement services providers (including Insurance Companies, Fund Managers, Banks and TPA's). This year’s study includes over 505,000 plans, 65 million plan participants and $4.5 trillion in plan assets. The combination of market segments and business models from each provider assures Sterling's ability to perform valid peer comparisons for all participants.

Sterling is expanding the Profit 2000TM series to include additional business lines and profitability elements critical to success in today's dynamic retirement marketplace. Our profitability analysis of retirement services includes detailed analysis of technology costs and capabilities, as well as benchmarks for asset retention - focused on Defined Contribution assets and plans.

We have expanded our base study coverage to include Defined Benefit plan services and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), and the DC Investment Only market in response to our clients' demand for full coverage of the retirement services business spectrum.